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Taming The Information Revolution
In today's fast-moving markets, more people are interested in more companies. Ten years ago 10,000 companies competed for the attention of investors on the major United States exchanges. In one short decade that number has doubled -- and it's still growing!
To make an informed decision, the investor must search out and sift through a rapidly expanding array of information; while a company faces the daunting task of getting its message heard amid the clamor of these liontame2a.jpg (37471 bytes)competing voices.

That is where we come in. We can help tame those competing voices so the right ones are heard above the roar. TheStockAdvisor specializes in distributing the right information to the right people. We focus on growth-oriented companies with strong possibilities, bringing them together with the serious investors they need for success.

Attracting the right investors to the right company is essential. We expose unique investment opportunities to sophisticated investors. Investors who are ready to invest in companies on the verge of standing out from the crowd. We create interest and awareness in these companies. and the potential they hold. Educating investors as to why these companies are solid investments.

Timely, Flexible Electronic Investor Alerts
newspaper01.gif (20424 bytes) Our Alerts have a tremendous subscriber list comprised primarily of active investors and brokers. It is a proven strategy to get detailed information in front of interested investors.
  • E-mailed free to subscribers.  We have a targeted subscription list made up of brokers, active investors and potential investors who have specifically requested our newsletter. And, the subscription base is growing weekly.
  • Informative and to-the-point. Well researched and backed by ongoing analysis of the demographic, it provides the information investors need in a timely fashion.   Critical and insightful information on hard to find companies prepared to make a move.
  • Quick turnaround. Unlike print publications, we can get information out to subscribers within a few hours if needed.  New and breaking developments in a hot company can be distributed promptly via our Alerts.

Internet Presence 
Special Reports & Company Profiles

Through our web sites, visitors can access Stock Alerts, Special Reports and Company Profiles.  Ready to download, they offer an impressive way to reach investors with a polished report and no delay.

  • Visitors to our web sites and subscribers to our newsletters are looking for financial information and investment ideas, providing a very targeted market.
  • Companies listed on our web sites offer unique investment opportunities, particularly for the speculative investor.
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How We Work For The Investor
partners2.gif (19976 bytes)We search for opportunities for the investor with companies poised to make strong moves in the marketplace. Now, investors have the information they need so they may further pursue the companies that interest them. We are selective. We do not accept every potential client we look at. Our track record illustrates our ability to identify companies that can thrive in the current market. Our analysts work closely with the companies they are tracking and are very knowledgeable. We have a broad network of writers with a wide variety of backgrounds. They know these companies are following the regulations of their industry, putting their reputations on the line with the information they provide. 
And the final decision is the investors'. We do not sell stock, but when we uncover interesting situations, we are happy to share them with our readers.  Those seeking new investment opportunities will not miss out and you can invest calmly and rationally.

The Information Investors Want, When They Want It And It's FREE!

We believe investors will find our newsletters to be their most important research tool. They are e-mailed to subscribers prior to publication on our web site. Our newsletters feature in-depth company profiles, breaking financial news, company news releases, educational articles and our recommended picks prior to general publication.  There are no guarantees, but we are here to help investors identify and track prospering companies.
  • Breaking News.  We e-mail investors time sensitive information related to the companies we are tracking.  Through interviews with the people in charge, investors will get the information and clarification they need.
  • Fast Information Flow.  We deal directly with public companies over the internet -- eliminating the delay of traditional information gathering.
  • Market Moves.  We post our trades before we execute them.  You see our trading strategy, follow along and see exactly where we are putting our investment dollars.
  • Background Information.  By monitoring message boards and chat rooms we keep track of what investors are interested in.  We address everything from changes in regulations, of interest to experienced investors, to the background and educational information new investors need about the numerous exchanges and listings.

TheStockAdvisor is a privately held company specializing in distribution of information about publicly traded companies. Our objective is to identify and track investment opportunities for our subscribers.  Our primary office is located on Long Island, New York, allowing us close proximity to the financial capital, Wall Street, and we have a staff of consultants and writers located throughout the country.

Our company has developed an excellent track record, working with clients in the market for many years. TheStockAdvisor was established an internet presence in 1998. For additional information contact:

or call (631) 653-9200

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