"Cellmedx (CMXC) Is a 75-Cent-A-Share Company That Just Invented a New Way Of Controlling Diabetes That's The GREATEST BREAKTHROUGH SINCE THE INVENTION OF INSULIN IN 1924..."

Fellow Investor:

I am convinced that CellmedX (CMXC) is now months away from becoming the biggest thing in the diabetes treatment field, a $55.3 billion dollar market of 383 million people that have this serious illness. Numbers like that could send their stock literally up ten-fold and then ten-fold again.

In The Diabetes Market, Says Seeking Alpha

I Nearly Fell Out Of My Chair When I Learned What CellmedX Accomplished - And The STOCK IS SELLING FOR JUST 75 CENTS AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING

This innovative young company created something called the e-Balance. It looks like an iPad-like tablet and is used to administer a mild electric current that that strengthens human cells, allowing them to better repair themselves, greatly lessen the painful effects of diabetes, in addition to managing this illness more efficiently.

This Discovery Won a NOBEL PRIZE For Two German Scientists Who Found Out Our Cell Membranes Have Low-Level Electrical Currents In Them

Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakkman won a Nobel Prize for this major health breakthrough. It proved that strategic, low-level currents could now be used to greatly multiply the power of exisiting diabetes treatments, speed overall healing, making the symptoms much easier to manage.

CellmedX (CMXC) created the e-Balance Tablet after this monumental discovery. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT IN AMERICA. THIS IS A FIRST. And I believe that they can sell millions of them to people who are desperately trying to manage and control their never-ending symptoms diabetes is known for.

I worked at Bear Stearns for many years, specializing in finding, buying and selling highly promising companies with bright futures. I've never seen bigger gains than those in the medical field. Here are a few examples. I think CellmedX (CMXC) could hand us all similar gains.


  • Cerner Corporation - $1.90 to $63 - $10,000 Turns Into $326,424

  • CompuGroup - 64 Cents to $19.16 - $10,000 Turns Into $299,375

  • Merge Healthcare, Inc - 94 Cents to $22 - $10,000 Turns Into $234,042

  • Endocyte, Inc - $3.45 to $37--$10,000 Turns Into $107,246
*All prices have been adjusted for splits showing the value of an investment made at the low and then the subsequent high, as reported by Yahoo Finance

To Have a Rising Stock You Need a Prosperous Business. With the e-Balance, I Believe That's Exactly What They're Going To Have. Look At What It Does...

The e-Balance not only emits mild electric currents to your cells, it "reads" your body's tissues 900 times a second to deliver the right dose. Incredibly, it can analyzes your cells and automatically creates a personalized treatment protocol based on what can help you the most.

The e-Balance can also improve the effect of any medicine you're on, further reducing your symptoms by using the e-Balance over just a short period of time, the benefits become cumulative, meaning chances are you'll need fewer drugs as your body strengthens.

Electricity Is Now Being Used With Real Medical Success. CellmedX Is The First One To Apply It To Diabetes - I'm Convinced That The e-Balance Will Be Absolutely HUGE

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that "From silencing snoring to easing high blood pressure, doctors are using electricity to improve our health."

Consider what it now helps: heart conditions, arthritis, , numbness, Alzheimer's, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, stroke, and much more.

THIS IS A SMALL PART OF THEIR STORY. You Should Consider Climbing Onboard Before You Miss This Opportunity. 75 Cents a Share Is Astonishing

At 75 cents a share, I consider CellmedX a gift. I strongly advise you to buy an amount you're comfortable with right now so you have a toehold in the stock. You don't want to look back, regretting that you missed it entirely.

Charles Moskowitz,

P.S. THIS IS THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN DIABETES TREATMENT SINCE THE INVENTION OF INSULIN IN 1924. 382 million people have this illness, and that's growing to 600 million+ people. No one else is doing what e-Balance can do.

At 75 cents a share, CellmedX (CMXC) could hand you the greatest gain you've even experienced in your life. Simply look at the facts and ask yourself if you'd use it. I'm confident that your answer would be YES!

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